cicloturismo - B&B Centro della Famiglia Treviso
Cycle track Munchen Venice
May 10, 2016
La storia - B&B Centro della Famiglia Treviso
Hystory of Treviso
October 3, 2016
cicloturismo - B&B Centro della Famiglia Treviso
The Montello is a 'weird' red earth hill that rises, isolated and well-defined, just over 300 meters south of the current river Piave course. Relatively little inhabited and wooded is surrounded by very lively and densely populated towns, the most important of which is Montebelluna. The most characteristic historical imprint are the 'prese'. They are the roads that 'slip' in the longitudinal direction the hill. The result of the control of the forest area set by Serenissima Venezia already since 1,400 and the final parceling took place at the end of the eighteenth century. With the 'Bartolini' parceling of 1,892 the Montello road network has assumed the current definitive configuration, the hill has been divided into 21 access roads, the 'prese' precisely, that cross it in part in North-south way and a 'dorsal' road that crosses it completely, connecting all the 'nooks' in the east-west direction, from Nervesa della Battaglia to Biadene. This itinerary allows us to perceive a global vision of the gentle hill. Take the state road along the right Piave on the north side of Montello, relatively quiet, and then the wooded ridge, a true cyclist's paradise, also known as being the home of the cycling world championship on Montello. The most classic of the laps is, of course, the complete outer ring of the Montello from Montebelluna. It is a very satisfying and fully planable tour itinerary. In a clockwise direction, drive north to Piave, as for the itinerary above, until reaching Nervesa della Battaglia. On the way back between Nervesa and Montebelluna, you must carefully avoid the busy State road and go through the inner road, which crosses all the prese, stretching along the 'Brentella', the artificial canal that surrounds Montello. The road is narrow and curved, so pay attention to the possible, rare to say the truth, cars. Obviously, and always with great satisfaction, you can also go it counterclockwise. The trail takes about 33 km. And has no significant climb, to be carried out with calm and eye careful of the great landscapes. All the 'prese' are suitable for cycling, some are completely paved, others partially dirt. Map on the hands, we recommend the excellent 'Il Montello' 1: 20,000 Berica Editrice Vicenza, and a pinch of fantasy, can be combined with itineraries for all tastes that will always be of satisfaction. Source: