Exhibits and museums in Treviso

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Palladio Venetian Villas
January 18, 2017
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Itinerary in Treviso
January 19, 2017
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Bailo Museums, Gallery of ‘900’s

The complex, damaged during World War I and even more seriously during the II, was reopened in 1952 and, since 1959, became the seat of the municipal collection of modern art. With the reopening of 2015, after an exemplary restoration, it is proposed as the venue of the prestigious permanent museum collection of modern art, which is the fulcrum of the collection of works by Arturo Martini. The "Luigi Bailo" museum is articulated in the spaces of the ancient convent founded in the 15th century. Traces of ancient architecture survive in the two cloisters and in the surrounding environments. Source of photos: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BailoTreviso6.jpg

Santa Caterina Museum

A part of the collections today kept at the Santa Caterina site comes from the historical site of Treviso Civic Museums, titled to Luigi Bailo's charismatic figure (1835-1932), which for fifty years promoted the city's artistic and architectural preservation and collections of museums. In addition, other important collections and works of Lotto, Guardi, Tiepolo were added soon. From the city's heritage, here were some frescoes among which the most important was the one of the cycle with the Stories of Sant'Orsola by Tomaso da Modena from the church of Santa Margherita. From private people, they received the Bailo Museum works by Pozzoserrato, Titian, Gino Rossi, Arturo Martini and recently the Nando Salce graphic design collection. Source: http://www.museicivicitreviso.it/index.php?it/2/la-storia-la-sede-le-informazioni-utili foto: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SantaCaterina4.jpg

Casa Giorgione Museum

The Casa Giorgione Museum is a passionate dedication to the Master of Castelfranco by his hometown, an open door to his world, the atmosphere of an era of great cultural ferment. An era that has marked and marks the Province of Treviso, with a past that is still alive and present today. Opened on May 9, 2009, for the celebrations of the fifth centenary of Giorgione's death, the museum is set up in the house where the artist painted the enigmatic Fregio and not far from the Duomo that welcomes the splendid Pala. The two artworks, the city's heritage, are preserved in the original historical and environmental context, essential for their correct reading and understanding, a fundamental requirement for a newly conceived museum. Each exposed object is linked to the environment that produced it, and the contents of the entire museum are merged with the territory, reconstructing a series of unexplored relations. Source: http://www.museogiorgione.com/?area=1&menu=1
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De Pictura

  • Palazzo Giacomelli
  • Until 17 april 2017
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Nando Salce

  • San Gaetano e Santa Margherita
  • starting 4 april 2017